Startup Training Program

Program is currently running in:
Bergen, Norway
April – June 2018

Tryg Xplore
Startup Training Program

Tryg Xplore Startup Training Program is an opportunity for 7
nordic startups to grow and further validate their business in collaboration with Tryg.

In the process you’ll get to work with world-class coaches, experts from Tryg as
well as build network with fellow founders, investors and experienced entrepreneurs.

We take NO equity, and there are no hidden fees.
We’ll even cover your travel and lodging cost for our sessions.

Our aim is to help you mature and scale.
Let’s xplore the future together!




The program is hosted by Tryg Xplore and powered by Rainmaking.
Running for 10 days in Bergen over 10 weeks, from April to June, 2018.


What does world-class

Customer Experience

look like?

The largest challenge we are facing today is offering our new and existing customers the right products. We are offering this program to gain new vantage points of worldclass customer experience. As one of the leading insurance companies in the Nordics, we can offer industry knowledge and potential partnership. Given our innovation track record, we also have invaluable experience and connections to share.

Potential Topics:

In the next 5-10 years, healthcare will look very differently.
Personalized medicine, gene sequencing.
Personalized diet, nano robots.
One way of communicating with robots is through sensors.
They seem to be taking over the world – Read on!

Right now, you are probably interacting with at least three sensors just in the device your reading this on – i.e. microphone, camera, touchscreen, accelerometer, etc.
You bring them with you every day.
They help you get around, and they could potentially protect you.
Your watch picks up when you are stressed, and helps you relax.
You contact lenses notice a dip in your blood sugar, and remind you to get insulin.
Think of the data – think of the possibilities.
All this sounds enticing but what about people’s right to privacy?

In 2016, anyone that was anything in the public EU sector came together over data regulations.
The GDPR aims primarily at giving the control of their personal data back to citizens and residents.
Which means all businesses must comply with standards relating to data security, format, access, etc.
It’s not just EU-based companies. It covers any organization that does any kind of business in the EU.

If you are into business in the EU, you have probably heard of PSD 2.0, the revised payment service directive.
This brand new legislation (of January 2018) stipulates that all financial institutions across EU have to provide controlled access to account data and content.
It is a novel idea, which again is meant to give control back to citizens and residents.
We believe it can change how we interact with the future and the present.
We believe it will change how we grow old.

We have seen a distinct increase in life expectancy over the last 50 years.
In the same timespan, the human race has grown drastically.
Luckily this wave of ageing people are using the internet.
They can utilize the sensors that are all around us.
We will customize our lives in a whole new way.

As mentioned in the section about elderly care, we are looking at a future of customizable lives.
We won’t need to own a whole lot of assets and tools to be able to work with them.
We’ll see a sharp trend towards access over ownership. This demands radically new ways of interacting with our devices and fellow human beings.
Sharing economy has come for good, but without drastic improvements in interaction and experience design, we won’t be able to reap all it’s potential.

Through this program we want to engage with a broad spectrum of startups. The above mentioned topics are just meant to serve as inspiration for what we’re looking for and working with.
If you think you could benefit from participating in this program, we encourage you to apply. If we also gain new perspectives, and potentially engage in some collaboration, that would in our opinion be an added bonus.

Who are you?

We’re inviting startups working on products and services focused on or anchored in the above topics, as well as a wider take on customer experience.

You don’t have to be focusing on InsurTech, or FinTech for that matter. We’re more than interested if you can show us new ways of approaching customer experience.

Preferably you are located in the Nordics, or targeting the Nordic markets. It’s not a prerequisite, however this is where we can offer the most access and insights.

Program Structure

The Startup Training Program consists of 9 training modules over 3 months.
That means we meet in Bergen for two days roughly every other week.
In the time between each training module, you are free to work from where ever you want.

The program ends with a Demo Day, where you get to pitch for a wide audience consisting of senior members of Tryg, as well as investors, Tryg partners and other relevant players.

The program is designed to up-skill startups and improve their probability of raising further capital, growing their business and find potential partnership opportunities with Tryg.

#1 Cohort introduction and Lean Startup

Learning outcomes:

  • Intro to program and Tryg
  • Introducing the cohort, how to use each other, goals for the program
  • Lean mindset, how to minimize risk of building your business & increase chances of success

#2 Lean Startup & Business Model Design

Learning outcomes:

  • Understanding the 9 building blocks of the business model canvas, how to use the canvas as a tool for exploration, risk identification, communication and more, how to generate a scalable, repeatable business model (case examples).
  • Applying Lean to building product

#3 Customer Development, MVPs &
Product Experiments

Learning outcomes:

  • The tactics of customer development, how to get validated learning from your customer, how to avoid ‘bad data’
  • How to ask customers for commitments that qualify them and the relevance of their data
  • Designing and measuring experiments that tests a falsifiable hypothesis

#4 Growth Hacking, Traction & Metrics

Learning outcomes:

  • Growth-hacking and the importance of understanding why
  • The mindset of growth
  • How to measure traffic and avoid vanity metrics

#5 Growth, engage with Tryg for validating or collaborating

Learning outcomes:

  • Follow up on growth activities
  • How to validate your assumption through corporates
  • How to work with corporates

#6 Team & culture

Learning outcomes:

  • How to scale a team
  • Building Company culture
  • Hire slow, fire fast

#7 Raising capital

Learning outcomes:

  • Understanding a term-sheet
  • Options for raising capital, Angel vs. VC
  • What are investors looking for?
  • Intro to pitching + start building 1st deck

#8 Pitching

Learning outcomes:

  • Pitching techniques
  • Designing a pitch deck
  • The elevator pitch

#9 Legal, running a company + pitch practice

Learning outcomes:

  • How to successfully manage a company
  • Operations
  • Legals
  • The day is also spent getting the teams ready for Demo day

#10 Demo Day

  • The program ends in Demo day where all the teams will present their startup.
  • Pitches will be max 5 min followed by 2-3 minutes of Q&A
  • An expert jury will be invited to judge the startup and select the winners


Why you should join

This program is specifically designed for busy startups that might not have access, or time, for a traditional accelerator program that require relocation. What we’re trying to provide is low commitment and high value in three short months.

Cutting-edge content
from world class trainers

Investor, industry
and ecosystem

Potential for collaboration
with Tryg