What is Tryg Xplore Startup Training Program?

Tryg Xplore Startup Training Program is an opportunity for 7
nordic startups to grow and further validate their business in collaboration with Tryg.

In the process you’ll get to work with world-class coaches, experts from Tryg as
well as build network with fellow founders, investors and experienced entrepreneurs.

We take NO equity, and there are no hidden fees.
We’ll even cover your travel and lodging cost for our sessions.

Hope you like it!

Who can apply?

We’re inviting startups working on products and services focused on or anchored in the ‘potential topics’ on main site, as well as a wider take on customer experience.

You don’t have to be focusing on InsurTech, or FinTech for that matter. We’re more than interested of you can show us new ways of approaching customer experience.

Preferably you are located in the Nordics, or targeting the Nordic markets. It’s not a prerequisite, however this is where we can offer the most access and insights.

Can I simply participate?

No, you have to apply and you should apply before 4th of March 2018.

When does the application period close?

4th of March 2018.

How long does the programme run for?

The program runs for a total of 10 weeks, where we meet physically in Bergen 2 days at a time, roughly every other week, starting April 2018.

What's the structure of this 10 days over 3 months program?

The Startup Training Program consists of 9 training moduls over 3 months.
That means we meet in Bergen for two days roughly every other week.
In the time between each training modul, you are free to work from where ever you want.

The program ends with a Demo Day, where you get to pitch for wide audience consisting of senior members of Tryg, as well as investors, Tryg partners and other relevant players.

The program is designed to up-skill startups and improve their probability of raising further capital, growing their business and find potential partnership opportunities with Tryg.

What are the topics of the 9 training modules?

1. Cohort introduction and Lean Startup

2. Lean Startup & Business Model Design

3. Customer Development, MVPs & Product Experiments

4. Growth Hacking, Traction & Metrics

5. Growth, engage with Tryg for validating or collaborating

6. Team & culture

7. Raising capital

8. Pitching

9. Legal, running a company + pitch practice

And then finally we have day 10 – Demo Day

Where is the program held?

We meet at Tryg Norway HQ in Bergen:

Tryg Forsikring
Folke Bernadottesvei 50
5020 Bergen

Does it cost anything to attend the program?

No it does not – we’ll even pay your travel and hotel.

Do you offer any travel or accommodation support?

Yes, we cover the flight and accommodation cost.
We know your resources are well stretched already.

Can I participate without being part of a startup?

No, unless you are Ironman.

I've submitted my application - now what?

We read through applications on a continuous basis, and we’ll provide feedback as soon as possible (though latest March 8).

After application closes the 4th of March 2018, we’ll invite approximately 15 startups to come to Selection Day in Bergen, March 22.

During Selection Day, you’ll get a chance to pitch to and talk with a group of people from Tryg and Rainmaking. We’re primarily looking for startups that fit the program. We’ll invite the 7 most promising startups to enroll in the 10 days over 3 month training program.

If you accept the invitation for the Selection Day, you also agree in full to join the full programme if your team is chosen one of the selected startups.

What are the questions in the application form?

Under you’ll find a screenshot of the whole application form.
Right here you’ll find the actual application form.


When is the program running?

If you are accepted to the program, we will meet in Bergen on these dates:

Workshop 1 & 2:
April 11 – 12

Workshop 3 & 4:
April 25 – 26

Workshop 5 & 6:
May 14 & 15

Workshop 7 & 8:
May 31 & June 1

Workshop 9 & Demo Day:
June 19 – 20

What is Trygs objective with the program?

Tryg’s objective is to to up-skill and help startups closer to validation of their business models. In exchange, Tryg learns how to work with startups through the facilitation by Rainmaking.

Startup Training Program by Tryg Xplore